Equipment Exchange

1. Regulation girls crosse/lacrosse stick
2. Mouthguard (needs to be a color, not clear or white)
3. Protective eyewear/goggles (Please use this link for approved eye wear from US Lacrosse-
4. Gloves are optional (gloves are more commonly used on cold days and really come in handy early in the season; boys lacrosse gloves are not acceptable).

1. Lacrosse Helmet (Green or Black if possible).  No hockey helmets.
2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads (please see update 2022 requirements:
3. Lacrosse Arm/ElbowPads
4. Lacrosse Gloves
5. Lacrosse Rib Pads (recommended for attackmen)
6. Cup
7. Mouthguard
8. Rubber-tipped Cleats
9. Lacrosse stick (see description below)
       STICK REQUIREMENTS for Youth Programs
        - Attack & Middie Sticks must be from 40"-42" long
        - Defenseman (& Goalie) sticks can be 40"-60" long


We suggest clothing such as:
1. Athletic "Dri-fit" T-shirt or long-sleeve (worn under the equipment).  Under Armour, Warrior, Brine, STX, Nike & most other major sports clothing brands offer this type of moisture-wicking & frictionless under apparel.
2. Athletic long under shorts.  Under Armour, Shock-Doctor & other moisture-wicking & frictionless under apparel brands.
3. A thin water resistant breathable top
4. Water resistant warm up pants